The term designer furniture encompasses numerous everyday objects, always skilfully enhanced by the various artists and designers who were committed to reinventing these items. The 20th century was rich with artistic trends which challenged the idea of purely functional objects in favour of sometimes unexpected richness: thus vintage designer fu...

  • Table desk, Glass top,The Roman travertine base decorated with gilded brass bars,Visible nuts,circa 1970, France. Measures : Width 160 cm, depth 80 cm, height 71 cm.

  • Pierre Chapo (1927-1987), Children's room set including a small chest of drawers, two nightstands and a small table,T07 model bedside tables in elm,Table model T01B in elm, opening with one drawer,The chest of drawers opening with three drawers,circa 1970, France.

  • Coffee table,Wood,Half-moon tray,Tripod base,circa 1970, France. Measures : Width 117 cm, Depth 59 cm, Height 42 cm.

  • Monastery table,Clear lines in the style of Jean-Michel Frank,Natural wood, one drawer in the front,Wonderful natural patina, slight accidents and losses,Andorra, 18th Century. Measures: Depth 62 cm, Width 280 cm, Height 80 cm.

  • Jean Claude Mahey, tomb commode,Wood core and cream lacquer with geometric decoration of black lacquer frames,Open with three drawers,Lacquered wood top and fluted uprights,circa 1970, France. Measures : Width 134 cm, depth 62 cm, height 86 cm.

  • Important coffee table,Carved and stained walnut,Vine decor,Beautiful patina,circa 1900, France. Measures : Width 133 cm, Depth 123 cm, Height 50 cm.

  • Jean Touret (1916-2004) for the Marolles workshop, Coffee table,Half trunk tree forming coffee table,The perimeter worked with the Gouge,Black wooden base trapeze shaped with exposed ankles,circa 1980, France. Measures : Width 172 cm, Depth 64 cm, Height 45 cm.

  • Four-leaf screen,Decor of three Asian musicians in traditional costume,Wood core, metal and oil hinges,The high wavy border,circa 1950, Vietnamese school. Measures : Width 164 cm (41 cm by panel), height 183 cm, depth 3 cm.

  • Angelo Mangiarotti (1921-2012), Gueridon,Porphyry marble round tray,Bronze base with antico green patina,Bernini Edition,circa 1960, Italy. Measures : Height 71 cm, Diameter 123 cm.