The term designer furniture encompasses numerous everyday objects, always skilfully enhanced by the various artists and designers who were committed to reinventing these items. The 20th century was rich with artistic trends which challenged the idea of purely functional objects in favour of sometimes unexpected richness: thus vintage designer fu...

  • Effeto Vetro, Cabinet,Lacquered wood and glass,Opening with two doors decorated with blue glass balls,Designer's stamp on the back,circa 2000, Milano, Italy. Measures : Height: 162 cm, width: 81 cm, depth: 41 cm.

  • S.I.A.M. (Sociéta italiana arredamenti metallici), Industrial locker room,Lacquered sheet and metal,Including three lockers decorated with metal bars and revealing a mirror,Metal door handles,Manufacturer's label "SIAM Torino",circa 1970, Italy. Measures : Width 176 cm, Height 202 cm, Depth 57 cm.

  • Coffee table,Cast iron base with H spacer,Top decorated with slate tiles of different colors and sizes, the periphery in riveted metal,circa 1960, France. Measures : Width 100 cm, Depth 42 cm, Height 39 cm.

  • Ettore Sottsass (1917-2007) for Ultima Edizione, Console table "Montenegro",Granite top maintained by two marble plinths with geometric decoration,circa 1980, Italy. Measures : Depth 36 cm, Width 200 cm, Height 101.5 cm.

  • Maison Ramsay, Rectangular coffee table,Quadripod base joined by a bronze spacer,Rectangular tray in lacquered wood with Japanese decor of cherry blossoms, cranes and peonies,circa 1970, France. Measures : Width 123 cm, Depth 58 cm, Height 41 cm.

  • Bernard Vuarnesson (1935), square coffee table "par 4" with transformation with four removable and reversible slides,Wood and formica,The tops have a laminate side and a wood veneer side,Square feet decorated with incisions,Bellato (Sculpture et Jeux) Editor,circa 1980, Italy. Measures : - Closed : Height 40 cm, Width 70 cm, Depth 70 cm. - Open : Height...

  • Adrien Audoux & Frida Minet, large round pedestal table,Bamboo and rattan,The round rattan chevron top and curved four-upright base joined by a spacer, "Audoux-Minet Golfe-juan" plaque on the basecirca 1970, France. Measures : Height 72,5 cm, Diameter 121 cm.

  • Maison Jansen, Large pedestal table,Tripod base in silvered bronze,curved uprights decorated with horses,Hoof feet and spacer,Round glass tray,circa 1950, France. Measures : Height, 72 cm, Diameter 102 cm.

  • Romeo Rega (1904-1968), Puzzle dining table,Glass and golden brass,Oval tray with geometric harlequin-style decoration with smoked glass squares in the center,Square base,circa 1970, Italy. Measures : Width 296 cm, Depth 120 cm, Height 75 cm.