• In the style of Gio Ponti, Triangular desk,Tripod base in beige lacquered metal and golden brass end caps,Veneer top and desk lamp fixed in golden brass, blackened wood frame,circa 1970, Italy. Measures : Width 185 cm, Depth 105 cm, Height 75 cm.

  • Table desk, Glass top,The Roman travertine base decorated with gilded brass bars,Visible nuts,circa 1970, France. Measures : Width 160 cm, depth 80 cm, height 71 cm.

  • Guy de Rougemont (1935), Set of desk and armchair with two guests chairs, Model Diderot, Edition Artcurial, Wood and leather, France, circa 1986. Measures: (Desk) width 162 cm, height 118 cm, depth 81 cm.(Armchair) height 77 cm, depth 60 cm, width 72 cm. (Chairs) height 77 cm, depth 60 cm, width 52 cm.