• Illum Wikkelso (1919-1999) for Holger Christiansen, Armchair model V11,Wood and black leather,Wide backrest and conical feet,circa 1970, Denmark. Measures : Width 86 cm, Depth 75 cm, Height 80 cm.

  • Style Neoclassic, Set of 6 armchairs, Wrought iron, Roll-up armrests and backrest,The seat with canage decoration,circa 1970, France. Measures : Width 51 cm, Depth 65 cm, Height 89 cm.

  • Pair of armchairs in the style of Lalanne,Wrought iron with foliage decoration on the backrest and around the seat,Slightly arched hind feet,circa 1970, France. Measures : Width 56 cm, depth 45 cm, height 102 cm.

  • Pair of armchairs,Carved wood decorated with flowers and incised patterns,The inclined backrest,the solid sculpted uprights,The armrests ending in a point,circa 1930, Hungary. Measures : Width 60 cm, height 78 cm, depth 62 cm.

  • In the style of Andrianna Shamaris, Pair of armchairs,The seat and backrest covered with braided leather,Presence of straps on the back of the chair,Patinated metal structure, Wear consistent with age and use,circa 1970, France. Measures : Width 68 cm, Depth 64 cm, Height 73 cm.

  • Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), Pair of Barcelona armchairs (model created in 1928), X Chromed steel structure, Seat and back with leather slats, Vintage condition, scratches on leather, Black trim, Knoll Editor, circa 1960, Italy. Measures : Width 75 cm, Depth 78 cm, Height 74 cm.

  • Adrien Audoux and Frida Minet, Pair of armchairs,For Vibo-Vesoul,Wood frame and braided rope,circa 1940, France. Measures : Width 64 cm, Depth 70 cm, Height 69 cm, Seat Height 40 cm.

  • In the style of Emilio Terry, pair of armchairs "Lake Como",Wrought iron and welded mesh,Painted iron and brass,circa 1960, Italy.Measures: Width 80 cm, depth 80 cm, height 96 cm, seat height 48 cm.

  • Picasta, in the Style of J.M. Frank, Round back armchair,Iron and plaster, linen seat,circa 2010, France.Measures: Width 48 cm, Depth 56 cm, Height 88 cm, Seat height 50 cm.