Paul Dupré Lafon 

Paul Dupré-Lafon (1901-1972) was a French architect and decorator.
He is best known for his work on furniture and buildings in the Art Deco style, including the headquarters of the Weill house near Montmartre in 1943.

  • Coffee table in the style of Paul Dupré-Lafon, Glass top, travertine base and polished brass structure, Bronze patinated "canon de fusil", brass nuts, circa 1970, France. Measures: Height 40 cm, width 1m20, depth 1 m.

  • Set of eight coffee tables in the style of Paul Dupré-Lafon, iron base and granite top, France, circa 1980. Provenance: Terrasses of "Palais de la Méditerranée," Nice, France. Height: 50 cm, 59 cm x 59 cm.