Over the course of the 20th century, designer lighting has, literally, lit the way for numerous artists who have cleverly reinterpreted floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces, while remaining faithful to contemporary design and the decorative arts. Whether Italian, French or Spanish, the artists who are represented here have brought a breath of f...

  • Stilnovo, Pendants,Plexiglass, painted iron, golden brass,circa 1980, Italy. Measures: Diameter 54 cm, height 120 cm.

  • Jean Touret (1916-2004) for the Marolles workshop,Four-light floor lamp model « Girouette »,Wrought iron beaten with rooster decoration and under each light the initial of the four cardinal points,Tripod base,With four lampshades,Circa 1950, France. Measures : Height 190.5 cm, Width 41.91 cm, Depth 55.88 cm.

  • Jean Touret (1916-2004) for the Marolles workshop, Pair of rooster chandeliers,Wrought iron,With rooster decoration overhanging a crown of six lights,circa 1950, France. Measures : Diameter 50 cm, Height 54 cm.

  • Gino Sarfatti (1912-1985) & Maurizio Tempestini (1908-1960), Suspension model S00107,Brass structure,Upper chain holding a barrel accommodating three successive black lacquered brass cylinders, and horizontal rods attached to stars holding the two rectangular glass plates,Arteluce Editor,circa 1940, Italy. Measures : Height 170 cm, Width 40 cm, Depth 20 cm

  • Maison Charles, Pair of lamps,Structure in silvered bronze with Neoclassical decoration depicting Medici vases and plant motifs,White lampshades,Signed "Charles & Fils made in France" on the base,circa 1970, France. Measures : Height 50 cm, Diameter 31 cm (without shades)

  • Mario Lopez Torres (1952), Pair of coconut tree lamps,Rattan decorated with leaves and two coconuts,circa 1960, Mexico. Measures : Height 96 cm, Diameter 76 cm.

  • Picasta, Edition Galerie Harter, Five lights lantern in the style of Jean-Michel Frank, Plaster, France, circa 2020. Measures: Height 132 cm, width 50 cm, depth 50 cm.

  • Neoclassical style floor lamp in the style of the antique, Bronze with brown patina and alabaster basin (some cracks),The barrel decorated with lotus leaves,The tripod base decorated with palmettes ending in lion's shanks and claws,The bowl with scroll decoration and Greek frieze,circa 1920, France.Measures : Height 176,3 cm, length 46,5 cm, depth 41 cm.

  • Daniela Puppa (1947) for Fontana Arte, Table lamp model 2850,Sandblasted glass,The almond base in cast aluminum,circa 1990, Italy. Measures: Width 42 cm, height 61 cm, depth 15 cm.