Mario Ceroli 

Mario Ceroli belonged to some of the founders of the Arte Povera, a conceptual movement thus baptized at Genoa in 1967. He opposed Pop Art by refusing traditional artistic means, such as painting, and the introduction of materials " Poor ", wood, land or industrial waste.

This artist, born in 1938, settled since the mid-1950s in Rome is recogniz...

  • Mario Ceroli (1938), Double-sided sculpture called La Bocca from La Verita, Pine wood carved, circa 1965, Italy. Measures: Height 193 cm, width 232 cm, Sculpture depth 21 cm, base depth 29 cm. 

  • Mario Ceroli (born in Italy in 1938), "La Rose dei Venti" table, Cardinal Points with inclusions of gilded brass, coarse natural Pinewood Russia, signed Ceroli and stamped Poltronova Edition, Circa 1973, Italy. Height: 75 cm, diameter: 165 cm, thickness of the plate: 6 cm.