Angelo Lelli 

Angelo Lelli (1911 - 1979) founded Arredoluce in 1947 in Monza, Italy. 

  • Angelo Lelli, Floor Lamp, Edition Arredoluce, Marble, Enameled Metal, Brass, Perspex, Opal, Italy, circa 1955. Measures: Height 212 cm, Diameter (Base) 33 cm, Diameter 45 cm. Certificate of authenticity Archivio Arredoluce.Similar model: Catalogo di produzione Arredoluce; Charlotte & Peter Fiell, Taschen, Koln, 2005, p. 547.

  • Angelo Lelli, Table lamp, Arredoluce Edition, Bronze and perspex, Circa 1970, Italy. Signed at the bottom "Made in Italy", Measures: Height: 51 cm, diameter: 8 cm.