Gabriella Crespi 

Born in 1922, Gabriella Crespi studied architecture at the Politecnico of Milan, where his work is influenced by his view of Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright design experience.

Crespi began his career as a designer in the 1950s with its first production of objects, the "Little Moon Collection," sculptures shaped steel moon, in which time styl...

  • Style Gabriella Crespi, suite of six chairs, Original blue textile and gilded brass, circa 1970, France. Measures: Height 105 cm, seat height 42 cm, Width 43 cm, depth 45 cm.

  • In the Style of Gabriella Crespi, Octagonal Coffee Table , circa 1970, Italy. Coffee table octagonal, Gold plated brass and glasses. Closed table: Height 34 cm, width 97 cm, dept: 97 cm. Table open: width 1m35.

  • Coffee table by Gabriella Crespi, Model "Sculpture",  Wooden structure covered with golden brass,  Engraved signature, Circa 1970, Italy. Mechanism metal which toggles the upper part,  Measures: Height: 41 cm, Length: 70cm, Depth: 49,5 cm.

  • Gabriella Crespi, Table lamp, Golden brass and plexiglass, Engraved signature, Circa 1970, Italy. Measures: Height: 75 cm, diameter: 45 cm.

  • Gabriella Crespi, table lamp, Golden brass and ceramic, Engraved signature, New bamboo pattern shade, Circa 1970, Italy. Measures: Height with shade: 102 cm, height without shade: 95 cm, base: 24 x 24 cm.

  • Gabriella Crespi, "Fungo" floor lamp,  golden brass and methacrylate, signed on the top of the lampshade, circa 1960, Italy. Dimensions: Height 184cm, diameter 70cm.

  • Gabriella Crespi (1922), Rattan Coffee Table,impressed by facsimile signature and "BREV." ,Manufactured by Crespi, circa 1973, Italy. Sheathed in a braided rattan basketry way structure, central circular opening accommodating the rotary table,it is moving on a hard bottom wood, stretched a wicker lined with a cane, rattan and hosts a central mobile...

  • Gabriella Crespi Puzzle Table, golden brass and glass, composed by four elements, original labels, impressed by facsimile signature and "BREV." Manufactured by Crespi,circa 1973, Italy. Height: 75 cm, length: 220 cm, width: 120 cm.Biography: similar model reproduced in Palazzo Reale Book, Gabriella Crespi, Il Segno e lo spirito, p 77, Electa 2011, Italie.