Coffee Tables 

  • Coffee table,Cast iron base with H spacer,Top decorated with slate tiles of different colors and sizes, the periphery in riveted metal,circa 1960, France. Measures : Width 100 cm, Depth 42 cm, Height 39 cm.

  • Maison Ramsay, Rectangular coffee table,Quadripod base joined by a bronze spacer,Rectangular tray in lacquered wood with Japanese decor of cherry blossoms, cranes and peonies,circa 1970, France. Measures : Width 123 cm, Depth 58 cm, Height 41 cm.

  • Bernard Vuarnesson (1935), square coffee table "par 4" with transformation with four removable and reversible slides,Wood and formica,The tops have a laminate side and a wood veneer side,Square feet decorated with incisions,Bellato (Sculpture et Jeux) Editor,circa 1980, Italy. Measures : - Closed : Height 40 cm, Width 70 cm, Depth 70 cm. - Open : Height...

  • Coffee table,Wood,Half-moon tray,Tripod base,circa 1970, France. Measures : Width 117 cm, Depth 59 cm, Height 42 cm.

  • Important coffee table,Carved and stained walnut,Vine decor,Beautiful patina,circa 1900, France. Measures : Width 133 cm, Depth 123 cm, Height 50 cm.

  • Jean Touret (1916-2004) for the Marolles workshop, Coffee table,Half trunk tree forming coffee table,The perimeter worked with the Gouge,Black wooden base trapeze shaped with exposed ankles,circa 1980, France. Measures : Width 172 cm, Depth 64 cm, Height 45 cm.

  • Richard Hohenberg, Round coffee table,Teak and the center of the tray decorated with enameled ceramic marquetry in the form of polychrome leaves, Signed with the stamp on the underside,circa 1950, USA.Measures: Diameter 103 cm, Height 40 cm.

  • In the Style of Pierre Chapo, Important Coffee Table, Decorated with lattice work in its centre,France, circa 1970. Measures: Width 200.5 cm, Depth 84 cm, Height 48 cm.

  • Maison Jansen, Coffee Table decorated with lattice work, Wood, Brass, "Tutti Frutti" Marble, Bronze feet, France, circa 1970. Measures: Width 98 cm, Depth 44 cm, Height 45 cm.