Gio Ponti, Pair of "Dezza" Armchairs with a Footrest, Poltrona Frau, Circa 1965, Italy.

Gio Ponti, pair of "Dezza" armchairs with a footrest, manufactured by Poltrona Frau,

Painted wood legs,

Wood structure, leather upholstery with horse upholstered cushions, metal label

"New Line Poltrona Frau," circa 1965, Italy.

Armchair: Height: 56 cm, seat height: 40 cm, width: 7O cm, depth: 70 cm, footrest:

Height: 40 cm, width: 47 cm, depth: 47 cm. 

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Similar model: Domus 440 (luglio 1966), p.58; Domus 443 (ottobre 1966), Pubblicita;

Giuliana Gramigna, Repertorio 1950-2000, Allemandi, Torino, 2003, p.116.

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