Nerone e Patuzzi, Gruppo NP2. Circa 1966 , Italy

Four elements in Roman travertine "Module D 63"

Gruppo NP2 30 cm x 60 cm Forme e Superfici - RILIEVOMARMO.

Iron structure, later date, made to form a coffee table (decorator work).

Height: 39 cm, length: 123 cm, depth: 60 cm.

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The same module was used in the seventies for the coating of important

public buildings and some metro in Paris .

Forma e Superfici presented their own production of marble in 1966 at the

National Exhibition of Marble in Carrara.

(Nerone, Giovanni Ceccarelli Scultore, published by Scritturapura -

page 35. Henry Moore pauses in front of a sample of "D 63" in the

smaller format shown in Carrara Museum)

Source: Archivio Nerone Giovanni Ceccarelli.

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