Mario Lopez Torres, Floor Lamp, Rattan, circa 1960, Mexico

Mario Lopez Torres (1952), Coconut floor lamp,
Rattan decorated with leaves and two coconuts,
circa 1960, Mexico.

Measures : Height 200 cm, Diameter 130 cm.  

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Mario Lopez Torres was born in 1952 in Mexico City. From the beginning, Mario’s attention was drawn to artistic hobbies including drawing, modeling with clay and engraving. He was the apprentice of his father, a professional photographer for his first job. In 1973 he visited the renowned artists Ana Pellicer and James Metcalf and became a student of the couple for a season in metal handling techniques. With that education in tow, he set up his own craft workshop and began to combine the craft of wire structure art with the traditional work of chuspata weaving, a vegetable fiber that grows abundantly on the banks of the lake. Today, Mario continues to apply new designs and techniques. He continues to contribute to inspiring a considerable number of artisans and scholars to find and cultivate their own creativity.

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