Claude Viallat, Empreintes, Acrylic, 1987, France

Claude Viallat (1936), "Empreintes",
Acrylic on umbrella canvas,
Double face decor in yellow and blue tones,
Delivered with a painter's certificate,
1987, France.

Measures : Diameter 120 cm.

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Claude Viallat was born in 1936 in Nîmes, where he lives and works today. He was one of the founders of "Supports / Surfaces" in the 1970s, a movement that calls for a renewal of art by questioning traditional materials. Viallat thus begins to work on industrial tarpaulins, on which he endlessly repeats the same abstract shape, a sort of knucklebone that has become his signature. Repeated with a stencil on various media, this motif opens up a reflection on the meaning of the creative gesture and the status of a "work of art".

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