Yves Klein, Jewel Sculpture "Little Blue Venus", Bronze, circa 2011, France

Yves Klein (1928-1962) - jewel sculpture "Little blue Venus",
IKB color painted bronze brooch,
Presented in its Perspex case decorated with gold leaf,
Multiple posthumous,
Edition of 500 copies + 100 artist's proofs,
circa 2011, France.

Measures : 6 x 2.5 cm.

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Yves Klein is a French artist, born April 28, 1928 in Nice and died June 6, 1962 in Paris. In 1954, he turned definitively to art and began his “Monochrome Adventure”. In his quest for immateriality and infinity, Yves Klein adopted ultramarine blue as a vehicle, this blue more than blue, which he named "IKB" (International Klein Blue). From his monochromes, to the void, to the "technique of living brushes" or "Anthropometry", to the use of elements of nature in order to manifest their creative force or of gold which he uses as a passage towards the absolute, he has designed a body of work that crosses the boundaries of conceptual, body and happening art.

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