The Charioteer of Delphi, Plaster Sculpture, France, circa 1960

The Charioteer of Delphi,
Plaster Sculpture,
Patina in the style of the Antique, reproduction of the Greek bronze,
Missing its right arm,
Vintage condition, some losses,
France, circa 1960.

Measures: Height 199 cm, Width 49 cm, Depth 40 cm.

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The charioteer of Delphi, or Hêniokhos (in ancient Greek ἡνίοχος, "who holds the reins"), is one of the most famous sculptures of ancient Greece, and one of only five large bronzes that have come down to us from the classical era. It is kept in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi and dated, thanks to its inscription, between two Panhellenic Games, either in 478, or in 474, or between 470 and 467 BC. J.-C.

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